In The Community

Brandon & Gullo Lawyers believes in supporting others and espouses a value of generosity and giving back to local communities. We believe in forming partnerships with local organisations to further the useful work of non-profit organisations and charities.

We financially support the following initiatives regularly.

suncoast care

Suncoast Care provides over 1000 tonnes of food annually people in need across the coast. They run a shop in Nambour, provide emergency relief and supply food to 10 schools across the coast as part of their ‘School’s Pantry’ initiative.

Brandon & Gullo donates regularly to this organisation and Karen Gullo (General Manager) sits on the Board for Suncoast Care.

Suncoast Care website.

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Brandon & Gullo supports Sunny Kids, a local organisation which provides over 10,000 nights of emergency accommodation for children and partners with health, education and child protection agencies to keep these kids safe.

For more information click here.


Brandon & Gullo support the work of the Salvation Army every year.

Salvation Army website.

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The Human Capital Project (HCP) is a project aimed at investing in the education of students in Cambodia who would not otherwise be able to afford university. HCP is based in Australia and is not-for-profit, with revenue re-invested in future students. For more information please see their site


Red Frogs is a support program that provides direct relief from alcohol and drug related issues for young people. Brandon & Gullo have supported their work on the coast here for over the past seven years.

For more information please see their website.


Compassion International run child sponsorship, child survival and critical intervention programs in third world countries. Brandon & Gullo sponsor multiple children in Indonesia and Bolivia.

For more information please see their website.