Overview of the Queensland CTP claims process

The steps that we take depend on the type of claim you have and the legislation that applies to your claim, however there are a number of steps that generally apply to CTP compensation claims in Queensland.

We want to ensure you are well supported, so in addition to your lawyers you will also have our support staff assisting your case in:

  • Arranging appointments

  • Preparing documents

  • Communicating with you throughout the claims process

  • Ensuring you are receiving the assistance you need


  • 1.

    Get In Touch

    If you've been in an accident get in contact with us as soon as possible. We want to listen and understand what has happened. We will also arrange an appointment for your Free Case Evaluation.

  • 2.

    Complete and Submit Claim Form

    Once we have met with you, we will lodge a Claim Form with the relevant CTP Insurer.

  • 3.

    Evidence Gathering

    Once we recieve a response from the CTP Insurer, they have 6 months to investigate liability and provide us with a liablity response. During this time we will begin to gather evidence and information to support your claim.

  • 4.

    Medico-Legal Examinations

    At the appropriate time, you will see relevant medical specialists selected by us and also the insurance company to assess you.

  • 5.

    Attend a Settlement Conference

    A negotiation meeting will be arranged with the insurer to attempt to settle your claim. The majority of our cases settle at this stage.

  • 6.

    If your case settles at the conference stage, you will recieve your compensation

    If the matter doesn't resolve at this the conference stage, we will advise you on what is your next step in order to receive compensation.