For most of us, motor vehicles are a part of everyday life and though we use them to get from A to B the ultimate goal is that we all get home safely every day. Last year there was over 12,600 individual car accidents officially reported in Queensland that resulted with some sort of injury.  While being in an accident is incredibly stressfull, knowing what to do in the case of an accident will assist you in protecting your rights particularly if you choose to seek compensation.

The Compulsory Third Party Insurance included in all Queensland car registrations exist for the purpose of compensating you for costs related to injuries sustained following an incident caused by the at-fault motor vehicle.

What should you do if you’re in a car accident?

At the scene of the accident

  • Try not to panic! Call emergency services if you or anyone else is injured - medical attention is of paramount importance.
  • Do not admit fault.
  • Write down or take a photo of the registration numbers of all vehicles involved, drivers licence number, name, address and phone number of the other driver, as well as the names and addresses of any other people involved in the accident.
  • Gather contact information from any witnesses.
  • Take photos of the cars involved, showing the number plates and damage to the vehicles.
  • Call a tow truck or roadside assistance if you’re unable to get home safely.

After the accident:

  1. Contact Brandon & Gullo Lawyers as soon as possible to discuss your legal rights as strict time limits do apply.
  2. Seek ongoing medical attention if required (be aware that injuries such as whiplash and post-traumatic symptoms sometimes come to fruition in the days and weeks after the event). We will assist you in having this treatment funded by the CTP Insurer after your accident.
  3. Contact your insurer about any damage that your car may have sustained. If you need any assistance in this area, we can also assist.

We have represented thousands of everyday Queenslanders who have been injured when on the road. If you are involved in an accident, we are here to help - click here to find out your options.