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4 Important Considerations for Building a Succession Plan for Your Family Business

April 28, 2021

With such a large percentage of Australian businesses being owned and operated by families, it is no surprise that we hear a lot of stories from clients about complications that have arisen when it is time for the owner/operator to move on from the business. The reality is some discussions about the future of a family business can lead to unwanted tension and, in some cases, endanger the future of the business.

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7 Tips to Maintaining Cash Flow in Your Business

February 15, 2021

Anyone in business for more than 30 days knows that cash flow is the most vital part in keeping your doors open! As I recently read in a Harvard Business Review article, ‘You can’t pay bills with profits—only cash”.

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How the 2020 Budget Might Affect You as a Business Owner or an Employee

October 23, 2020

We sat down with Francis Rigby of Financial Advice Matters to discuss the ins and outs of this Federal Government Budget and how it will affect everyday Australians as well as business owners.

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Tips for Avoiding End-of-Year Debt

December 4, 2018

The holidays are a wonderful time of year but with them comes so many expectations and potential obligations that it’s important to consider the cost and make a plan.
According to Finders, Aussies totalled over $29 billion in credit card debt in December 2017. It seems CRAZY and yes, it’s a massive number but with all of the ads and pressures we sometimes feel, it can be easy to lose track of our spending this time of year. Holiday parties, travel, decorations and gifts are just a few of the things that start to accumulate and can turn into unnecessary stress but, it IS avoidable and you CAN set yourself up to start 2019 strong.

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Income Protection

June 4, 2015

“Risk is like fire: If controlled it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you” Theodore Roosevelt.

Could you support your family if you were injured/sick and needed several months off work? Income protection replaces the income lost through your inability to work. It is a great line of defense and usually a very affordable way to keep risk away from your hard earned wealth and protect your estate over your lifetime.

Here’s some ways to make it more affordable…

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