The most likely time to have a crash…

While we hope none of our clients or loved ones are ever in a car accident, sometimes the unfortunate happens on the road.

According to the Motor Accident Insurance Commission, people are most likely to have a road traffic crash ‘resulting in a CTP claim at 3:00pm on a Friday more than any other time during the week?’

Thankfully in Queensland, we have a system which assists accident victims in claiming compensation. Compulsory Third Party insurance (commonly abbreviated to CTP) is built into your registration fee however many do not understand the benefit of this insurance and what it means if you are in a car accident.

Basically, Compulsory Third Party provides an insurance policy that covers for personal injury caused by, through or in connection with the use of an insured motor vehicle.

An injured third party has a right to seek monetary compensation from the person ‘at fault’ for the personal injury and other related losses. This means that if you have been injured, you can apply for compensation relating to health expenses and economic losses that have occurred from the injury – providing you are not at fault.


Car Accident Compensation Experts

As one of the leading firms on the Sunshine Coast for accident compensation, when something happens to you on the road, we take your compensation claim seriously. So much so, in 2018 were recognised by the Doyles Guide as accident compensation lawyers on the Sunshine Coast.

If something has happened to you or a loved one within the last 3 years, contact us today for FREE chat to see if you can make a claim.