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Personal injury lawyers with offices on the Sunshine Coast and in Far North Queensland, we offer a range of services for our clients. We have a team of highly skilled lawyers and staff, who are dedicated to the needs of our clients.  

If you've been in a car accident, injured at work or need help with your business or estate planning, we're here to help.

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    What we can help you with

    When your loved one passes away, it is common to feel stressed and uncertain about handling your loved one’s affairs. We have experience with all types and sizes of estates and we can help you navigate this difficult time.

    If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident and have suffered an injury, we can assist you with making a claim for compensation. We are leading Sunshine Coast accident and personal injury lawyers.

    If you have suffered a new injury or an aggravation of a prior injury at work, the team at Brandon and Gullo Lawyers are committed to ensuring you obtain the help you need. We are a leading Sunshine Coast firm for personal injury and accident compensation.

    At Brandon & Gullo Lawyers we have experience in both the prosecution and defence of litigated matters.  Litigation issues can arise in a vast array of areas. Our team will be able to help you should litigation become necessary.

    We can assist you in protecting your Estate, your family and loved ones in the event of a death by ensuring your wishes are clearly recorded, enabling your assets to be distributed how and to whom you desire.

    We aim to help you build your business’s strength, longevity and profitability and ensure the interests of your business are protected legally.

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